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In 1965, Earl “Red” Schoenheider opened the first Red’s Savoy Pizza location on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota. The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza name has become legendary throughout the Midwest, known for its spicy secret-recipe sauce and for its old-school atmosphere… with a kick! His outstanding, old-school thin-crust pizza has developed a cult-like following among its fans and has grown to 14 locations. We pride ourselves in having delicious, unpretentious pizza. And now, you can join in the tradition and own your own piece in the pie.

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Why Red’s Savoy Pizza?

Products and Logo. The purchase of a Red’s Savoy Pizza franchise allows you access to the secret-recipe Savoy products that have made the Red’s Savoy name what it is today. You gain access to our unique menu items, such as sauerkraut and pickle pizzas, that perfectly complement our spicy sauce and thin-cracker crust. In addition, our franchisees get to operate under our signature red logo featuring the “The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza” name and design. This logo is recognized throughout the Midwest and beyond!

Support. Red’s Savoy Pizza franchisees also gain operational support from the ground up. We deliver classroom and in-store training, as well as grand opening assistance to make sure your store gets off to a successful start. Throughout the operation of your business, we are here to respond to operational needs within the system, whether on an individual store basis or system-wide.

Opportunity! The original Red’s Savoy Pizza location has operated at its original location on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota for over four decades. Its recipes and business model have stood the test of time as pizza trends have come and gone. With this history, Red’s Savoy Pizza is poised for the future! Our franchises maintain this old-school timeless tradition, while taking advantage of modern opportunities for marketing, advertising, promotions, and growth. New franchisees in the Red’s Savoy Pizza system have the opportunity to take advantage of our plans for growth and expansion throughout the United States.

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