"Red's Savoy offered me a legendary product and opportunity at a fraction of the price of major chains.”


‘Sota-Style® Since 1965!

Earl “Red” Schoenheider opened the first Red’s Savoy Pizza restaurant in 1965 on East 7th Street in St. Paul, Minnesota under the name “The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza.” He worked in the restaurant 7 days a week until the day he died in 2017.

He built his business around his product, work ethic and a unique family-like experience. He spent years perfecting his own secret recipe sauce and sausage. Red piled his thin crust pizza high with quality toppings and created a product unmatched by anyone.

As a testament to Red’s passion for people and product, his original restaurant developed a cult like following over five decades, making the Red’s Savoy name legendary across the Midwest (and beyond!).

As the Red’s Savoy Pizza brand continues to grow, we continue focusing on making ‘Sota-Style® pizza with the same pride as our founder, using Red’s original secret recipe sauce and sausage, piled high with the highest quality toppings on a timeless thin crust, and cut into squares. Red’s Savoy Pizza locations are set apart from their competition by their simple focus on the customer and what makes the brand superior to its competition: the pizza.

Before Red died, our current owner, Reed, talked to him about his vision for the brand, where we might go, and his legacy living on. Red (always a man of few words) told Reed, “Whatever you do, don’t ‘mess’ with my pizza.” (Our lawyers said we can’t use the actual word.) Reed made that promise and we continue to hold the quality of our pizza as sacred.

But it goes beyond the pizza. Red was an unpretentious, no BS guy, who built a team that took care of their customers in the same way – with transparency, a little bit of grit, and above all – a feeling of being family. Every day, in each of our stores, we strive to carry on Red’s no BS, caring legacy.

We’re more than just a cookie cutter franchise.

We are a company rooted in strong values, that loves showing up for our customers in a big way - every day.

We’re on a mission to rid the world of Skimpy Wimpy pizza.

Our vision is ‘serving an unforgettable customer experience’ – and we do this through our three guiding values.

Countonable℠ Franchise Support

What does it mean to be Countonable? It means:

  • We take care of our teams, communities, customers, vendors and partners.
  • We know our teams and provide opportunities for growth.
  • We give back, join in and show up in our communities.
  • We do what’s right, even when nobody is looking
  • We take swift action and hold ourselves accountable.


What does it mean to be Wow-Worthy? It means:

  • We go above and beyond for our people and our customers.
  • We focus on “we” over “me”
  • We don’t have “off-days” and we don’t cut corners.

When you open a Red’s Savoy Pizza Franchise, you won’t be on your own.
We’re here to support you every step of the way and to help your business thrive – this is  Countonable℠ in real-life. 


Through over 55 years of experience, we created “Red’s Way” and the “Savoy System.” These are our systems, that cover everything from appropriate expense ratios, to how to market your business locally, to how to make our delicious food, to how to successfully get your location opened on-time and on-budget.

We’ve pulled together a playbook that guides you through everything you’ll need to know to run your Red’s Savoy Pizza restaurant.


We’ve created the Savoy System Welcome program, which teaches our franchisees about the business side of your restaurant. After that, our franchisees and location leaders are immersed in Red’s Way Leadership Academy, which is an in-depth onsite program that teaches you everything you need to know to run your restaurant, create ‘Sota-style™ pizza and thrill your customers. Upon completion of the Red’s Way Leadership Academy you’ll be empowered to deliver a Wow-Worthy and Countonable℠ experience at your location while doing it Red’s Way.

Opening Support

We’ll be there throughout the opening process, reviewing plans, supporting training, and we’ll be there for your big day- when the ribbon is cut and you invite your customers in to your beautiful new restaurant. We’ll provide onsite support throughout the opening process to ensure your success.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We’ve customized a suite of amazing software to make your experience and your customers’ experiences seamless and simple. From a point of sale system, to a loyalty program helping you to engage your customers in a meaningful way, to industry leading reporting and reporting insights, the technology you need will be at your fingertips.

Franchisee Operational Support

Once you’re part of the Red’s Savoy Pizza family, we treat you like family. We’re here to support you, answer questions and give ideas. We won’t be a stranger!


We’ve built a spirited, strong brand that resonates with our customers! We have done creative promotions, including some big names, to bring the brand to life. We actively manage the Red’s Savoy Pizza social media accounts, and use them to drive customers your way.

We don’t just think of our restaurant owners as franchisees- we think of them as part of the Red’s Savoy Pizza family.

Think you might fit in here? Are you…

· Business savvy and driven to succeed
· A person who gives a damn, puts people first and is emphatic about quality
· Insanely passionate about the customer experience
· Excited to execute a proven system and be a part of a family
· Someone with net worth of $500k+ with $150k liquid

Key Financials:


· Franchise Fee: $35,000-$40,000
· 5% Royalty
· 3% National Advertising Fund Contribution
· Total Investment between $193k – $489k

The Process to Become an Owner:

1) Complete the interest form below
2) Informational Webinar #1
3) Complete Personal Financial Statement
4) Informational Webinar #2
5) Discovery Day
6) Leadership Approval
7) Sign Franchise Agreement and start shopping for your new restaurant location!

Franchising Information


Minnesota Franchise Reg. #F-9371. RSP Franchise, LLC. 574 Prairie Center Drive, Ste 135-314, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. This information is not an offer for a franchise. Such an offer can only be made through our Franchise Disclosure Document, and only offered to qualified applicants once we have complied with the applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state.

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