“Red’s Savoy offered me a legendary product and a turn-key opportunity at a fraction of the price of major chains.”


In 1965, Earl “Red” Schoenheider opened the first Red’s Savoy Pizza location on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota. The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza name has become legendary throughout the Midwest, known for its spicy, secret-recipe sauce and for its old-school atmosphere… with a kick! His outstanding, old-school thin-crust pizza has developed a cult-like following among its fans and has grown to more than 15 locations.


We pride ourselves in having delicious, unpretentious pizza. From our proprietary spicy sauce, to our housemade sausage, to cheese piled high, this is serious pizza. Despite our thin crust, we pile on all the toppings the crust can hold and that our customers have come to expect from Red’s Savoy. The result is an original, spicy, delicious, square-cut pie that keeps our customers talking, sharing with their friends, and most importantly, coming back for more.


We’re serious about our family. We’re here to help you every step of the way- with over 50 years of experience to help you to be successful. From site selection to local marketing recommendations to answering your operational efficiency questions to help installing and training your POS system, we’re here to help. Our knowledge and experience are yours.


Now, you can join the Red’s Savoy family. You can have access to not only the Red’s Savoy brand and rich history, but just as importantly, to our secret recipes that keep customers coming time and time again. You’ll use our sauce, our sausage, our crust and our specifications to replicate our delicious product.

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