Let’s face it. Pizza crust is important, and in our case super tasty, but it’s job isn’t to BE the prime point of the pizza.

Our crust’s job is to support our special sauce, loads of toppings, tons of cheese and to be cut into squares, all while being the best tasting crust around.

Unpretentious is our game. That’s why the base of our pizza, like everything we do, is quality and on purpose.


It’s one thing to appear “nice” and it’s another thing to BE nice.

Our special sauce is classic “Minnesota Nice”.

Appearing to be simple sweet savory-ness (which it is), you may be surprised it has a bit of a kick (which it does).

Quietly proud to share the Original Red’s Savoy secret family recipe in every one of our award-winning pizzas.


We mean loads.

Expect your pizza to be covered from border to border with every single topping. None of this: “Oh, you wanted 2 toppings? Sure, we’ll give you 60% of each because together they pretty much cover the pie, and we’ll call it a day.”

Founder Red, rest his soul, built Red’s Savoy’s fame on delicious pizzas and never skimping on toppings!

You can count on every scrumptious bite of a ‘Sota-Style™ Pizza to include each topping to be fully loaded.

You want toppings? We give you toppings.


Because: cheese.

Every Red’s Savoy pizza buries those layers of toppings (or not, if you are a cheese-only kind of pizza lover) with a special blend of two distinct cheeses.

We’re not joshing here! Blended locally, our cheesy combo will melt to generously cover your topping or topping-less pizza, and once combined with Red’s famous sauce, you’ll experience the best flavor match imaginable on a pizza.


You’re eating a pizza with a tasty thin crust loaded with toppings. Probably with your fingers.

Square cut guarantees you…

· Get more pieces
· Avoid the “flop over” effect (tasting food beats wearing food)
· Enjoy delicious bites down to the very corner bites (which technically can’t be square on a round pizza)
· Because some things about being Old School rock!
· All of the above

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