Thank You Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Thank You Rewards member?

Thank You Rewards cards are available at participating Red’s Savoy Pizza® locations. Registration is the next step and can be done at

If you don’t have a card, you can become a member by registering at You will then have a temporary account number that will be sent to you via email. You can go to any participating location and they can look up your account information with that number or the phone number you provided.

Does it cost anything to become a member?


What are the program rewards and how do I earn them?

Every time you make a purchase, you are awarded one point for each dollar spent on qualifying food and beverage purchases. Points are awarded based on the amount of your purchase and are rounded up or down to the nearest dollar. For example: if you spend $21.50 using your Thank You Rewards card you will have earned 22 points with that purchase. When you accumulate 75 points we will automatically convert the 75 points to a $5.00 reward on your registered Thank You Rewards Card. The Thank You Rewards dollars can be used to purchase awesome food and drink on your next visit. Please note that Thank You Rewards dollars can’t be used to purchase Red’s Savoy Pizza Gift Cards or pay for delivery fees/other service charges.

Do I earn points for carry-out, delivery and online orders?

You can earn points on carry-out and delivery orders, including orders placed online at Please note: our delivery drivers cannot accept your Thank You card during the delivery. Your rewards card number must be provided during the ordering process for deliveries.

Do I earn points for buying a Gift Card?

Yes, if you are a Thank You Rewards member, you will earn points for purchasing Red’s Savoy Pizza® gift cards when you purchase them in the restaurant. You do not earn points when redeeming the gift card. For example, if you purchase $50 in gift cards from the restaurant, you will earn 50 points. When the recipient uses the gift card, however, the portion of their order paid for with the gift card will not earn points.

Is there anything I don’t earn points for?

You don’t earn points for non-food items, such as taxes or employee tips. You only earn points on the net amount you actually pay for, so the portion of your bill paid for using Thank You Reward dollars or gift cards does not earn points. For example, if your pre-tax bill is $27 and you redeem $5 in rewards, you will only earn 22 points for that visit. Additional restrictions may apply at individual restaurant locations.

How do I know how many points and rewards I have earned?

You may go online to and select “Log In” at the top of the page, and enter your user name and password. You may also ask a team member at a participating Red’s Savoy Pizza® restaurant to check the balance on your card for you although they are not able to see expiration dates. The third way is through our mobile app on the “My Account” tab.

When will the points appear on my account?

Points are issued when the check is closed. You will be given a receipt with your updated points and rewards at the end of each visit. Delivery orders will not show points from your current order on your receipt but the points will be added to your account by the end of the day.

When can I spend my rewards?

When your registered account reaches or exceeds 75 points, the system will automatically convert them into $5 in rewards. These rewards will be available for use on your next visit and expire six weeks from the date they are earned. Restrictions on redemptions may apply.

Will my points or rewards expire if I don’t use them right away?

Points on unregistered cards or that have not yet met the 75-point threshold do not expire. Once points turn into a $5 reward, that reward will expire six weeks from the date they were earned. We occasionally offer other short-term rewards whose expiration dates will be specified in the email informing you of those rewards. When redeeming, the rewards with the earliest expiration date will automatically be used first.

Do you have a birthday bonus?

Thank You Rewards® members will receive a free birthday bonus added to their card automatically the week prior to their birthday. The birthday bonus will expire 14 days after it was added to your card. Please note that if you attach or combine multiple cards, you will only receive one birthday bonus. Only one birthday is entered per registered card. Birthday bonuses may vary by location.

What information do I need to register my card?

When you register your card, you will be asked to provide the card number and registration code from the back of the card along with your name, address, phone number and email address. We also ask a few other simple questions to get to know you better.

Where can I find my card number and registration code?

Both can be found on the back of your Thank You Rewards Card. The card number is the 16-digit number and the registration code is the 6-digit number. Do not use spaces when entering the card number.

What if I don’t have an email address?

Email access is key to our program. With it, we are able to communicate directly and quickly with our guests. We want to be able to keep you updated on new promotions and opportunities for even more rewards. You are unable to register a Thank You Rewards card without providing a valid email address.

Why do I have to register my card?

Registration allows you to track your account activity, such as points balance, simply by logging in. It also allows us to replace your card in the event it is lost or stolen. You will also be able to receive exclusive offers. Card registration is required to redeem rewards.

After I register, what do you do with my information?

We use this information to send you information and exciting offers about Red’s Savoy Pizza®. We also use your information to keep you apprised of your Thank You Rewards account activity. We also use your phone number at the restaurant to look up your  account in case you forget to bring in your card so you can still earn points.

Can I use my card at all Red’s Savoy Pizza® restaurants?

Thank You Reward cards can only be used at participating Red’s Savoy Pizza® Restaurants. Points are awarded only on qualifying purchases made at participating restaurants and Thank You Reward dollars can only be redeemed at participating restaurants. Rewards cards are only issued and accepted at participating locations.

What happens if I don’t have my card with me when I visit a Red’s Savoy Pizza® restaurant?

If you have registered your card, a team member will be able to look up your rewards account by the phone number you used to register the card. Points will only be added at the time of a completed sale and cannot be after the transaction is finished. It’s important to make sure that your Thank You account is attached to your transaction.

If I forgot my Thank You Rewards card during a previous visit can I still earn points for that visit?

Unfortunately, points can only be earned at the time of a transaction. make sure that you give our staff member your card or have them look it up via phone number at the time of purchase.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you have lost your card, simply visit your nearest participating Red’s Savoy Pizza® location for a replacement. Tell our team member that you lost your card and need a replacement and the team member can issue a new one and transfer your points and unredeemed rewards onto your new card. It is important to note that this will only work if your card is registered.

I have a virtual card, how do I get a physical card?

To receive a permanent Red’s Savoy Pizza Thank You card please follow these easy steps:

Bring your virtual card number (the one you received via email) to a participating Red’s Savoy Pizza® restaurant and give it to a cashier. The cashier will give you your new permanent Thank You Rewards card on the spot and will transfer any points or rewards to the permanent card.

Please note: You can start earning points and even redeeming rewards with your virtual card number that you received via email. If you registered online and do not remember your virtual number, please log-in to your Thank You account to get your number.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my card?

You may talk to a team member at a participating Red’s Savoy Pizza® restaurant or contact our Customer Care department by email. You can email us at We will follow up with you shortly.

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